Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Why Twenty-one times?

Well, simple really ... this is the amount of times in one week that I put a meal (excluding snacks) on the table for my family.  This blog is my attempt to approach the essentially monotonous task of day to day family catering by finding some kind of poetry and inspiration to it all.
I won’t just be sharing my cookery tips and seasonal meal plans with you (oh joy!) but also putting the food we eat into an historical and cultural context. I’ll also be testing out recipes from contemporary food writers alongside those from long forgotten, by-gone eras. 
My family of diners consist of two young children (just turned 2 and 4 years old), my husband (with impossibly high minded culinary ideals) and various visiting family and friends.  Each with our own foibles, loves and dislikes.  Join us as we eat our way through 2011 – it should be a feast! (P.S. Twenty-one is also the amount of times in a week I wipe clean my son’s high chair, twenty-one times a week is alot of washing up......).


  1. Good Luck on your blogging journey - a great way to start the New Year. That is what I did over at http://gigglingatitall.blogspot.com and have not looked back since with lots of learning, laughs and some tears along the way.
    My late Mum was a cook and I too love cooking.
    Never mind the 21 snacks, with my ever-hungry 5 year old plus his 6 year old sister and 10 year old brother, it is the 101 snacks in between that tire me out.
    How come the historical and poetic aspirations?

  2. I'm always reading poetry, social history and cookery books and so this is a way to combine all these interest. BTW, I took a quick look at your impressive blog and will revist. Your sports day experience was very touching. I'll keep an eye out for receipes.