Friday, 8 May 2015

Haddock and parsley fish cakes

'Better small fish than an empty dish'.
Fish cakes are easy to do, but it's the time invested isn't it?  If you aren't using leftover potatoes and cooking the fish freshly, it's quite a process that doesn't make for quick family suppers.  If I am boiling or steaming potatoes one evening, I often think if I should cook extra for a pie topping or to make fish cakes the following day.  Traditionally you would use left over potatoes from a previous meal and these sometimes inspire me to knock up some fish cakes using tinned fish.  However, on this occasion I boiled potatoes and baked some haddock from scratch for these.  I also added some chopped parsley, lemon juice and bread crumbs and a raw egg to bind.  The bread crumbs were grated white bread and I added them to the fish cake mixture, but also coated the outside of the cakes in them.  This gave them a nice golden crunch.  I sometimes oven bake fish cakes, but on this occasion, I pan fried in olive oil and added extra lemon juice.  You can make easily with tinned salmon or tuna or use freshly cooked fish.  Taking this photo, I realise how difficult it is to photograph food - it's obviously a whole different genre and food that tastes great doesn't necessarily look/ photograph that well.  I think I should have left the vegetables out of the photo. 

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