Sunday, 3 May 2015

Slow roasted lamb with spiced rice, salads, yogurt and aubergine chutney

"The king reigns, but does not govern" Jan Zamoyski, Polish Statesman, 1605)

Frank slow roasted lamb in yogurt and cumin and rice and asked me to prepare salads to accompany.  The rice has dry pan roasted pine nuts, sultanas and fried onions in it and was delicious.  I wanted a simple green salad, but it looked a little dull with just lettuce, cucumber and spring onions, so I added some radish shavings and the grated carrot on the side.  The carrot goes well with the rice too.  The aubergine chutney was from Waitrose and the coolness of the Greek yogurt make it a quite essential part of the dish.The photo shows my plate, but diners served themselves.   The king reigns refers to my husband in this instance, but it was a joint effort.  I like the saying that 'while a man may consider himself the head of the family, the woman is the neck, and the neck can turn the head'.   

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